Mount Everest Foundation

MEF_final-logo[1]The Mount Everest Foundation (MEF) has started a program that takes improverished Nepalese people through a 3 week course that teaches mountaineering safety, client care, customer satisfaction, cooking and hygene skills. It gives 30 Nepalese people every year the opportunity to elevate their standard of living dramatically through this free Sherpa training program. But this program requires mountaineering equipment for 30 individuals and volunteer guides to teach the material. My goal is to raise the equipment for MEF to make this program happen. All the gear contributions will be shipped to Nepal via SummitClimb (a UK guide outfit) and stored at the MEF headquarters for each new class to check out then return at the end of the program.

Mountaineering gear is not easily parted with, its expensive and even sentimental to climbers. My plan is to enroll my community of 29858[1]climbers to donate one item each, reach out to clubs, my partners, outfitters and retailers. By asking each for the smallest contribution of new, used or even tattered equipment I hope to raise what the MEF is looking for. I will also be volunteering as an instructor for their Autumn 2013 program after my Himalayan project: 14th summit project.

Check out the program at

Here is what we need for the school (used equipment is fine and sherpas come in all sizes, from very small to very large):

  • Plastic climbing boots;
  • One-sport-everest or other boots with built in gaiter;
  • Crampons;
  • Ice axes;
  • Helmets;
  • Harnesses
  • Carabiners;
  • Descending/rapelling/abseiling/belaying devices;
  • Ascenders such as petzl/jumar/bd, etc;
  • Slings
  • Ropes.
  • Jackets made of fleece/pile or goretex or down;
  • Trousers made of fleece/pile or goretex or down;.
  • Rucksacks and backpacks;
  • Sleeping bags;
  • Warm hats.
  • Mittens and gloves made of wool/poly/fleece/pile/polar or goretex or down;.
  • Sunglasses;
  • Baselayers made of made of wool/poly/fleece/pile/polar;
  • Socks made of made of wool/poly/fleece/pile/polar;
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Headlamps

For information on how to donate follow this link and fill out the contact form.


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