Stuck in Kathmandu

Hey all! Greetings from Kathmandu,

(To all seven of you)

I arrived in Kathmandu on the 30th… Progress toward Shisha Pangma has been slow, hindered by the redtape and permissions required to enter Tibet. So what have I been up to in the mysterious city of Kathmandu? Partly, holed up in a hotel room doing lines of Emergen-C with a cocktail of antibiotics… Total third world dog status. Mostly though, these

 setbacks allowed for a fun side trip out to the Langtang Himal. IMG_20140406_102919Based out of the remote village of Kyangjin Gumba I spent five days warming up on smaller 5000m peaks while exploring the regions higher peaks n water ice formations for future projects.IMG_20140406_111847

Its now the 9th of April and today I officially received my permit and visa to enter Tibet and climb Shisha Pangma. Tomorrow morning I depart for the border town of Kodari. Rumors here in Kathmandu of Americans being rejected at the border are rife. Rumor also has it that Shisha Pangma will be deserted this spring. No commercial expeditions, no fixed lines, just 4 small independent teams. I’m excited for this possibility, a chance to experience an 8000m peak as it was many years ago. Though it will raise the stakes, in a game that had high stakes to start.

For now, crossing the friendship bridge into Tibet is my focus.

Fingers crossed.

.IMG_20140404_024049 IMG_20140405_020307

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