Manaslu Climb Update

Tonight (Sept 7) I’m in the village of Jagat. The last 4 days were comprised of a challenging bus ride and 3 days of trekking.  During the bus ride I learned why, although popular for it’s price, a bus is sub-optimal for the road to Arughat — the passengers are as much mules to help get it through the muck as paying customers. However, trekking in from Arughat has been beautiful; starting from rice fields, then through the rainforest, to now in more of a steep riverside canyon with heavy vegetation.  The highlight of the trek has been midday swims in crystal clear waterfall feed pools. The low point has been the heat, humidity and incessant mosquitos. The climate is quite stifling. Constantly wet with sweat — day and night. Tomorrow I’m going for a bigger day to Namrung and hopefully it’ll be my escape out of this Nepalese sweat locker. The occasional glimpse of snow capped peaks has me stoked for Manaslu! Though even after 3 days of trekking, the altitude at Jagat is still only 4500ft…

At some point this trail has to start holding onto gains right?

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