Manaslu Update

Last time I posted I was at camp 1. That first trek up went well, and I established a high Camp 1 at 5900m. I also explored and familiarized myself with the ice fall traverse to Camp 2. A forecasted storm had me descend back to BC over the weekend. The intensity of the wet weather seems to be lightening up and this week’s forecast calls for 5 day spell of clearing weather. I’m about to shoulder my pack and head back up to high Camp 1. My goal for this week is to push as high onto the upper mountain as possible. I’d be lying if I said the summit wasn’t on my mind, although with only one night acclimatizing at Camp 1 it’s a long shot.

I’ve included a couple of pics below. The first shot is of Manaslu base camp from above, and the second is one of me climbing through the crevasses on the way up to Camp 1 (photos by Marcin Kin).

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

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