Manaslu Peak push update

Well it’s the morning of the 25th and I’m at camp 3 (22,300ft) sipping coffee as Manaslu bangs at my door. The forecasted higher winds have me a bit pinned down at the moment. The winds are moving a lot of snow, covering my tent over and over. I’ve got two options, move to Camp 4 today battling the winds or attempt a summit from camp 3 on the 26th. A day still forecasted to be decent. Now deep snow persists on the route, so it will take a big effort to move anywhere up or down. Ah the joys of high altitude mountaineering!


Camp 3 (6800m/23,300ft)

2 responses to “Manaslu Peak push update

  1. Don’t push it
    Use your judgement that has been trained over the years.
    It will pay off for you.
    Remember Dave Hahn is Dr. patience and it has worked for him.

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