Manaslu update

Last time I posted I was waiting out bad weather at base camp. Prior to that, I stayed in camp 3 (22,300ft) for four and a half days. However, a good enough window for a no oxygen ascent never appeared. My cook back at base camp was convinced I’d found a girl at C3… the only reason he could think of that anyone would spend so much time up there.

A few teams were able to summit during this time, running on high flow oxygen. Sadly though, Manaslu was able to pick off a few of the less able. Poor decisions up here exact the ultimate price.

On the 27th I dropped back down to Base camp and took a single day’s rest. Today, the 29th, I went from base camp to Camp 3 in a single 8 hour push. I’m positioned again to take advantage of some “reasonably” stable weather. Tomorrow the 30th I hope to make Camp 4 and “fingers crossed” summit the 1st of October.

3 responses to “Manaslu update

  1. Alex,
    You are using the good judgment skills you acquired on Rainier.
    They might start calling you the King of Patience, just like Dave Hahn.
    Best of luck, keep using good judgment and I will be following your progress and hope to be able to give you an on-line high five soon!
    PS I am confident that no girls kept you up at Camp III.

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