Manaslu Summit

I stood on the peak of Manaslu at 11am on October 1st! Funny thing is that exactly one year ago to the day I was at the summit of Cho Oyu.
Tired and cold, I just arrived back at Camp 3. I’m going to have something warm to drink and bundle up here for the night. I’ll post something more descriptive tomorrow from base camp.

To those who have been following my trek, thanks for all your thoughts (and words) of encouragement.

Summit photo

Summit photo


Headwall below C4

4 responses to “Manaslu Summit

  1. Wow Alex
    That is awesome news. Congratulations on another stunning achievement. Three down! In style! Nice patience you exhibited.
    Now be safe coming down.
    Looking forward to hearing the whole story!

  2. Congrats Alex I knew you were going to bag this one! Your patience paid off. Looking forward to hearing more. Have a safe descent.
    Jeff Goy

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