Annapurna expedition


Dutch Rib (click to enlarge)

This spring 2015 I’ll be headed to Annapurna I North side, with a planned ascent of Lhotse afterwards. My Annapurna expedition will begin March 22nd and end in mid-May. Annapurna I is safest if a summit is made late April or early May because of the usual rise in avalanche danger as the warm monsoon weather approaches. With the goal of an early summit on Annapurna I it presents the opportunity to snag a second 8000m peak utilizing my acclimatization. Cost is the main concern for the second 8000m attempt and at the moment Lhotse seems the cost friendly candidate.

Annapurna I – 8,091m/26,545′

Departure: March 22n, 2015
Route: Annapurna I North side via Dutch Rib or German variation

Live expedition updates begin March 24th, 2015


German variation (click to enlarge)

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