Annapurna Dispatch 3/25

The 24th of March around mid-day I made a turbulent landing into Kathmandu for my fourth 8000m expedition. This morning I received news that a team (Dreamers Destination) which arrived to Annapurna in early March has made a successful summit. The forecast for the next 5 days is showing 2 meters of snow… That combined with a large snowfall in late February has me nervous.  I worry that I will arrive to a dangerously loaded mountain, a mountain known for its frequent avalanches. But as of now I am sending my bags ahead to Tatopani. Tomorrow morning (27th) I’ll be taking a helicopter from Kathmandu to Tatopani and if weather permits I’ll be in base camp tomorrow afternoon.

Earning $ for my next expo

Earning $ for my next expo

For now, the focus will be to survive the congested streets of Kathmandu, as I make last minute purchases like fuel, food, lighters etc.

Update 3/25: The Annapurna summit team (Dreamers Destination) is reporting two fatalities that occurred during the decent.


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