Annapurna update April 1st

Today (April 1st) I moved up to Camp 1 at about 17,000′ from 13,800′ BC. Enjoyed good weather in the morning which turned to light snow in the afternoon. The route to C1 is quite a distance from BC and has some enjoyable climbing. Low angle water ice and low grade mixed climbing, also a precarious arm wrap rappel of some 200′ on the most insane choss… The recent snowfall – plowing through knee deep snow – made some sections of the route very tiring.  I’m hoping the weather holds and I am able to make Camp 2 tomorrow. I’ve got three days worth of supplies including today, so I’d like to spend the next two at Camp 2.

Hopefully the weather plays along…

When I return to BC I’ll post a few photos for a visual look of my route so far.

2 responses to “Annapurna update April 1st

  1. Glad to hear you made it up to C1. It sounds pretty interesting just making this trek! Cheers from AR!

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