Nepal Update

Whew! I now know why people don’t trek from Annapurna Northside anymore. It totally completely sucks! Doing it in one day is a death march of very steep grassy, muddy, and icy mountainsides. The trek goes where you don’t expect, you end up traversing Nilgiri, a 7000m (23,000 ft) peak. Not to mention, I got mega sandbagged by the Sherpa in Base camp who told me to wear Nike’s. So in places where I’d want mountaineering boots, crampons, and an ice axe I had Nike’s… Pretty damn sporty!
Anyways it took about 13 hours without more than a quick break for food and water. Today we’re in Pokhara with two trucks parked out front of our hotel loaded with over 2000 pounds of rice and Dal. Currently we’re in a holding pattern as we maybe not be heading into Gorkha by Jeep with food supplies but instead helicopter into an area that needs “eye’s on”. The place we’re helicoptering into is called Laprak. The food and supplies will be still trucked into Gorkha, but by the British Military.

Photos: The one of the face zoomed in is part of the trek out, we traversed the face.

Nilgiri, Annapurna trek
Trek over Nigiri

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