Human-apurna update

20150505_134304Over the last week we’ve been trekking in the mountainous area above Gorkha. This area was at the epicenter of the quake. The villages we were getting “eyes on” had previously been declared “OK” by the Indian Army by helicopter observations. But these villages were anything but OK. Most were almost totally flattened. In the village of Barpak, villagers were receiving only two packets of Ramon per person per day.

20150505_115755Don Bowie has been our fearless leader. His ability to coordinate with large NGOs, and even the UN, to facilitate supply drops to these hard hit and hard to reach areas has been amazing. And when I say hard to reach I’m NOT kidding. Our first day from Baluwa to Laprak was another precarious scramble up a 10,000′ vertical gain and unknown linear mileage over rough, uneven, and treacherous terrain. The heat had us all hurting and in many places landslides made the trek in very precarious. Descending down from Laprak, through the villages of Lapu and Bhirkuna, was straight-up steep no-fall terrain through a thick prickly jungle. Landslides in this area took the trail out, so we had to bushwhack a new trail. All in all, though, we were able to deliver 20150506_072822accurate needs assessment reports from these remote villages. Once we made our assessments we would then forward these by SAT phone to the NGOs incident command with the ability to respond by arranging to helicopter in the supplies which was our objective.

Today Don Bowie, Ben Erdmann, Jess Roskelley and Cody Tuttle left to work with the UN’s World Food Program headquarters in Gorkha to assist in coordinating overland aid distribution. For more information, on Don and team check out I’m headed back to Kathmandu today to start making my way back stateside to start the guiding season on Mt Rainier.


What’s next for me? I’ve received a good base camp service price for K2 starting at the end of this June. So I’ve sent in my Pakistani Visa forms. Usually you need to send them in 3 months in advance, but my logistic provider seems to think I’ve got a good shot. I’m still smarting over not being able to finish what I started on Annapurna. K2 seems to be a suitable objective to find some redemption.

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