Annapurna photos

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who followed the climb. I deeply appreciate all the support I felt from this community! And secondly, I’d like to thank RMI Expeditions and Hilleberg the Tentmaker for their unwavering support of my mountaineering ambitions. If you’re in the market for an exciting adventure in the mountains or a resilient lightweight tent for your next trip, check these folks out!
Posted below are a handful of photos from my Annapurna climb this spring. Included are a few from working with the local people after the quake. Also, I’m working on a short video chronicling the expedition, hopefully I will be posting that in the beginning of June. As for what the immediate future holds for me, today I’m packing for my yearly pilgrimage to guide on Mt. Rainier for RMI. I am psyched to get back up to the Pacific Northwest, share the experience of mountaineering with others, and see my many good friends there. Again, thank you all for your  generosity and your support.

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