Annapurna Video

Ascent of Annapurna I

This video chronicles my spring 2015 Annapurna Northside expedition. Climbing solo and without supplemental O2 via the German Rib route. The video covers the expedition to a high point of 7000m and the April 25th earthquake.

4 responses to “Annapurna Video

  1. Pretty interesting, Alex

    Thanks for sharing this and putting it up on the blog

    Sometimes strange things keep one from their objectives

    But Annapurna will always be there

    Were you able to get a permit and get on a K-2 climb?

    Just had a three hour lunch with my friend, Art Muir (climbed with him in Ecuador). He is 69 and summited with his son, Charlie (26) on Denali on 7/3. Billy Nugent was the lead guide.

    Only rock climbing in Idaho for me this summer, but thinking about maybe heading to S. America in the winter.

    • Hey Jim!

      Yup Annapurna will be there for future attempts and I may be there sooner then I thought. K2 didn’t end up working out. The team I was going to buy onto already had their visa so they flew to Islamabad and took off to Skardu. They could wait there for the permit to clear. Unfortunately for Americans we must wait until the permit clears before we can apply for the visa. So the timing with the team I was going to purchase with just didn’t line up.

      Rock climbing in Idaho is a solid summer plan IMO!

      – Alex

  2. Incredible Alex thanks for sharing your experience blogs and video awesome stuff. I will be doing the Annapurna circuit this October.

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