Everest – Tibetan North Face

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post. Since my last post I have been focused on pushing my climbing /training for my next 8000m challenge.
Anyhow, now that I’ve got my teeth into a new expedition, posts will become more frequent. There’s a bar on the main page to subscribe to this blog. For those who subscribe, the web page will send you an email alert whenever I submit a post. That’s likely the best way to follow along.


These last few months of winter I’ve been in Ouray, CO on an ice climbing trip, total blast (video posted at bottom). Now I’m back in California where I’ll be climbing and training for Everest this spring. Although I was originally planning to head back to Annapurna, a cheap spot on an Everest team headed for the Tibetan North Face caught my attention. The main reasons I decided on Everest this time were the price combined with the fact that Everest will be much less crowded this season on both sides. For me, the North face holds the ultimate solo / nO’s (no bottled oxygen) test-piece climbs. I will be giving the 1980 Messner route a hard look. This is my first preference. To my knowledge, it has never been done in spring; the lack of snow making it much more difficult. And really, it’s never seen a repeat in the original style in which Messner put it up 36yrs ago, solo / nO’s. With that said, many talented climbers have tried this route and most were turned back. So I know and acknowledge that this is a route I will have to investigate carefully while on-mountain. And in the end, it is not unlikely that the Northeast Ridge will end up being my route of ascent. Soloing is the sort of thing where decisions are made at the base of the route, not in an armchair stateside. But even the Northeast Ridge is a very difficult route. Any route on Everest without bottled oxygen or teammates will be a full on peck n paw melee for the top! Which I’m looking forward to from my stateside armchair…

I’ll post again soon with updates.

— Alex



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  1. HI Alex, that’s ambitious! Thanks for posting, that was funny!Martin From: Alexander BarberSent: Thursday, February 25, 2016 1:47 PMTo: makatzberg@gmail.comReply To: Alexander BarberSubject: [New post] Everest – Tibetan North Face

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    alexander barber posted: “Well shit, it’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post. Guess it was the Annapurna story about the tent fire, published in late October. My apologizes for anyone who’s been checking the website for new content. Social media doesn’t come naturally, or re”

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