Lhasa to Everest Base Camp

The last four days I’ve been on the long very slow road from Lhasa to Tangri. We arrived yesterday evening. The pictures below are from Lhasa.


The Potala Palace, Lhasa — The Highest Ancient Palace



The road from Lhasa to Tangri is very nice compared to the road from Kathmandu to Kodari. The speed limit, though, is sustained at around 40 – 50km per hour…. Traffic cameras monitor our exit time for one village and our entry time to the next –  and if we arrive too early (aka we were speeding) a ticket is given. Sooo… this leads to periods of speeding down the road followed by stops to sight see and and twiddle our thumbs until we’re at the travel time allotment to reach the next village. It’s curious how no matter how the rules are structured, people will find their own way to break them, and express their individuality. At least we’ve had no traffic accidents that’s for sure!



The scenery from Lhasa to Tangri is insanely beautiful, turquoise lakes, fortresses perched atop solitary hills and monasteries that are pretty mind blowing. During a stop-over in one village, I went and strolled the local monastery. It’s like witnessing a living museum, local Tibetans filled the hallways and corridors practicing their religion. Rooms overflowing with seated monks numbering well over one hundred all chanting, the chant filling the room like one booming voice.



Today in Tangri is an off-day, not sure what elevation I’m at but I’d guess 15,000ft. Went for a run/hike to the top of a local high point, with a fantastic view of Everest and Cho Oyu. It was nice to see Cho Oyu again since my expedition back in 2013… so many fond memories came flooding back at the sight of it! The North face of Everest looks pretty intimidating from Tangri and it’s got me psyched up to start my climb. Tomorrow I’ll be dropped off at the end of the road, then I’ll likely camp there for a few days as yaks and  logistics are organized for the move to Base Camp. It all looks like chaos to me, but it gets cobbled together somehow. It’s a two day hike from the end of the road to Everest BC from 17,000ft to 21,500ft and some 15 odd miles.


From here on out I switch to my SAT phone base unit for communication… which is an unreliable piece of @#$%!, so yeah, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to stay in touch!

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