Everest Kickoff Base Camp

IMG_20160419_193534_resized.jpgFor the last handful of days I’ve been kicking around 17,000 foot Base Camp. This is the place they dropped us off from the motor trip from Lhasa. To kill some time, I did a hike up a peak above camp. It was likely a 2,000 foot gain, and had fun 4th/low 5th class rock climbing zones you could opt into. But mostly I’ve just sat around drinking tea and trying to get myself assigned some Yaks for the move to the real Everest North Face base camp at 21,000 feet.

And now, I’m psychotically psyched to announce I’ve got Yaks and I start my move to 21,000 foot Base Camp tomorrow!

Seriously, one more day of drinking tea and whiskey was gonna be rough…
As luck would have it, today was the Puja – the blessing ceremony required for the Sherpas to start climbing the mountain. I was planning to head out this afternoon for 21,000 foot BC  ahead of the yaks, but the Puja went long – and so did the drinking afterwards… 17,000 feet and whiskey are a formidable combo!
IMG_20160421_143739_resized.jpgLuckily the SAT device is working, with of course its usually deficiencies, so the blog should be regularly , or semi occasionally updated…

Hopefully Ill have more exciting stuff to report in the coming weeks… not much going on in the windy dust bowl of 17,000 base camp.

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