Everest Update 5/23

I did not get much rest the night of the 22nd at camp 3. During the night I developed a productive cough. I didn’t think it was a HAPE cough – I am a medical first responder and have treated others with altitude sickness, but I also knew that my own judgement could be impaired both by the condition itself and my own lowered cognitive clarity at high altitude. I regularly check my blood oxygen levels and the device I use was telling me my blood oxygen was abnormally low. I was very reluctant to act on this information, the peak was so close! But even as I resisted the conclusion, and even in the hazy logic of a high altitude mind, I knew it was unmistakable. I knew the answer, but I just didn’t want to let it in.

On the morning of the 23rd I headed back down the mountain. My objective was to descend all the way back down to camp 1 at 23,000 ft.

5/23 Evening Update

I’m in C1 tonight – nice and low. Something is seriously messing with my body right now, though. My Sp02 is still mid 70s. I still don’t know whether it’s a bug or something else. But I’ve got a couple of buddies keeping an eye on me. I’ll probably hang here, at least for tonight, and see if  my blood oxygen recovers with some rest.

8 responses to “Everest Update 5/23

  1. Since I read your last post yesterday, I was waiting to hear from you and glad to hear that you are safe and returned safely. As it described in your ethos “attaining the summit means little, more important is that you make the right decision to be safe and as I see your decision was right. Using no 02 maybe you need more acclimatisations time, maybe some other reason but I am happy that you did not lose your mind to check your semptomes and to see what was going on. Congratulations for being aware of what you are doing. Everest is there and you can try again later.

  2. I can only imagine how hard your decision was but definitely the right one! As I said before, follow your gut! The head can mislead you sometimes haha! Seriously, so glad your in a safe and lower camp (although still high!). Take care buddy!

  3. Someone said getting to the top is optional but climbing down is mandatory :)…..Summit or not …the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of life…coz you will live to summit another day…..Be safe

  4. Did you watch Terror of Tiny Town? You should totally watch it and get yourself back whole!

  5. Glad to hear you made the right decision up there. No matter if you summit or not you are inspiring! Stay safe buddy!

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