8000m expeditions

 Project: Himalayan Crown

The term “Himalayan Crown” refers collectively to the fourteen peaks reaching above 8,000 meters. These mountains are all found within the Himalaya, stretching from the Karakorum of Pakistan to India’s Sikkim region.

My focus is to climb 8,000 meters peaks’ in the best possible style, which is an evolving pursuit. Currently that’s solo, without bottled oxygen or the use of a personal Sherpa.

Upcoming 2017 Projects

TBD – (Likely Everest Northside)

Past 8000m Projects

Everest Northside 8,848m (high pt. 8300m spring 2016)

Annapurna I – 8,091m (High pt. 7000m spring 2015)

Manaslu – 8,156m (Summit Oct 1st, 2014)

Shisha Pangma – 8,027m (No Summit spring 2014)

Cho Oyu – 8,201m (Summit Oct 1st, 2013)

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