20150818_200823.jpg     I have presented throughout the western United States with topics focused on my 8000m meter climbing experiences. During presentations, I speak about my signature style and unique approach to climbing 8000m peaks. The overall theme is about high adventure! Also I share my conviction, with humor and real life experience, that anyone can plan their own adventurous project and that the personal style in which one pursues these goals is a very important aspect to consider in planning their personal pursuit. Presenting with videos that show the total experience along with photos and a message that is not “canned”, but candid, impromptu, and tailored to the interests of my audience. My goal is to share with the audience a sense of the authenticity for my climbing, and inspire them with the possibility that they too can develop their adventurous side.

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Each lecture is tailored to the subject requested and the interests of the audience as I it arises in the moment. So let me know how I can assist you in planning a fun and memorable club or corporate event!

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